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To The Wonder

A perfectly good story featuring a star cast is ruined because it is told in an artyfarty, pretentious, excluding way. Stopped watching halfway through.

Stand Up Guys

A film about old men that sometimes feels like it was made by old men. But it also has endearing and funny moments, thanks to the talent of Walken and Pacino.

Mary & Martha

Curtis plays the heartstrings like no other. But he under-utilises the relationship between the characters of Swank and Blethyn and gets stuck on cliches.

ScienceOnline start in Leiden

In Amerika wordt jaarlijks de populaire ScienceOnline conferentie gehouden voor iedereen die over wetenschap communiceert en daar nieuwe en sociale media voor gebruikt. Frank Nuijens, hoofdredacteur aan de TU Delft en wetenschapsjournalist, ging er in februari voor...