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How do you get a book written

Being bookcurious, my favorite session at #scio13 was the one moderated by @mkonnikova and @katherinesharpe. It was buzzing with ideas and suggestions, collected in this Storify. [View the story “How do you get a book written” on Storify] How do you get a...


Thrilling piece of history that starts a little slow but has you on the edge of your seat during the second half.

Won’t Back Down

For such an inspiring subject, the movie is unfortunately wrapped in an uninspiring and formulaic script that even Gyllenhaal's enthusiasm can't save.

Storify of ScienceOnline day three

[View the story “ScienceOnline day three” on Storify]ScienceOnline day threeScience ebooks, how do you get a book written, and life in the Venn Storified by Frank Nuijens· Sat, Feb 02 2013 14:48:28Science ebooks: building the communityAudience at...

Storify of ScienceOnline day two

[View the story “ScienceOnline day two” on Storify]ScienceOnline day twoGoing gaga over Google, rappin’ ’bout a African, healthy skepticism about medical science, and explaining the explanatory Storified by Frank Nuijens· Fri, Feb 01...