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ScienceOnline day three

Science ebooks, how do you get a book written, and life in the Venn

Storified by Frank Nuijens· Sat, Feb 02 2013 14:48:28

Science ebooks: building the community
Audience at #sci013 #SciEbook jonesing for Snow Fall as if were Bolivian marching powder. The magic formula=hard work, not @nytimes budget.Seth Mnookin
"I know very few writers who got paid an hourly rate commensurate with effort it took to produce something really good.’ #sciebook #scio13Maria Konnikova
Don’t forget t/bks need to be edited. It takes lots of work. That gets cut out w/ebooks.We suffer consequences @carlzimmer #scio13 #sciebookMaria Konnikova
@oliviakoski Thanks for telling us about the #Atavist Looking forward to learning more! #sciEbookKate Prengaman
RT @roseveleth: . @oliviakoski explains how @theatavist works: "it’s all magic" #scio13 #sciebooksimon frantz
#scio13 #sciEbook Interested in a tool to produce multimedia ebooks? Contact me! @theatavist
.@carlzimmer says new sales figures show ebook sales are stalled; tablet sales are great. is that good for ebooks? dunno #scio13 #sciebookRobin Lloyd
.@j_timmer: if you publish w an app, already separating yourself (in iTunes, Amazon) from the genre of text-based e-books #scio13 #sciebookJen Davison
.@j_timmer: Apps can work when the book involves lots of interactivity, visuals w/ short text, non-linear narratives. #scio13 #sciebookAviva Hope Rutkin
Do people in #scio13 #sciebook session know about Track your eBook amazon rank & estimate sales.Mark Henderson
E-books already exploding, says @carlzimmer. Even with kindle, can do innovative things like writing @ in-between lengths #scio13 #sciebookMaria Konnikova
How do you actually get a book written?
Stay focused on your book project by stepping away from it from time to time, says @katherinesharpe #scio13 #bookwriteFrank Nuijens
Book writing tip from @orzelc: schedule time for BIC (butt in chair) #scio13 #bookwriteFrank Nuijens
Both @katherinesharpe and @mkornikova quit their jobs to write fulltime #scio13 #bookwriteFrank Nuijens
Researching book is something you can do next to your job, but you need a few months off when writing #scio13 #bookwriteFrank Nuijens
Think abt outlets you want your book to be featured in and establish relationship with editors by freelancing @mkonnikova #scio13 #bookwriteFrank Nuijens
Get a good agent, it’s worth the money @mkonnikova #scio13 #bookwriteFrank Nuijens
Good agents shouldn’t want money upfront. Ask to speak to other clients. Use one that has experience in science field. #scio13 #bookwriteFrank Nuijens
Vetting agents: ask them for feedback on your proposal #scio13 #bookwriteFrank Nuijens
You need to talk about book topic some in order to establish yourself as expert, but make sure you don’t get scooped #scio13 #bookwriteFrank Nuijens
Find a book topic that has a unique personal angle so you won’t be easily scooped and you stay motivated @orzelc #scio13 #bookwriteFrank Nuijens
Write the book you want to read. And make sure it’s interesting enough for a book and not a magazine article @mkonnikova #scio13 #bookwriteFrank Nuijens
Life in the Venn – what happens when you’re forced to wear many hats?
And calls it an advantage. RT @docfreeride: @edyong209 is journo who used to be a scientist, then public information officer #venn13 #scio13Roy Meijer ロイ マイヤー
#venn13 session turning into a support group for people with lots of hats. “Hi, my name is Karen, and I have 5 hats.” “Hi, Karen.” #scio13Matt Dozier
"Nobody is ever unconflicted" says @markgfh Key is to be transparent about where someone is coming from #scio13 #venn13Lou Woodley
Person in room: expressing my opinion helped me get a job in which I can no longer express my opinion #venn13 #scio13Janet D. Stemwedel
Wearing the diff hats gives you better awareness of where the real conflicts between roles are #venn13 #scio13Janet D. Stemwedel
@edyong209 : breadth of experience helps you empathize better w/ diff people you interact w/ in diff roles #venn13 #scio13Janet D. Stemwedel
RT @docfreeride: Being subject of sci journalists’ interviews helped @edyong209 understand ways journalism can be badly done #venn13 #scio13Drug Monkey
RT @kwing: Proud to try my #sciscribe skills at #venn13 Tip o’ the marker to @experrinment #scio13 Ireland
The end of ScienceOnline 2013, with a big thank you to @ktraphagen @mistersugar @boraz
It’s time to (w)rap up #scio13 Nuijens
A #scio13 triple fist bump of @ktraphagen @boraz @mistersugar. Thank you! Ruginis