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ScienceOnline day two

Going gaga over Google, rappin’ ’bout a African, healthy skepticism about medical science, and explaining the explanatory

Storified by Frank Nuijens· Fri, Feb 01 2013 14:48:18

Fraser Cain on using Google+ hangouts
Fraser Cain from @universetoday is talking at #scio13 about using Google+ for hangouts on air. Great outreach tool: stream through YouTubePeter Edmonds
. @universetoday "I was hanging out with the moon!" Love the plain joy in that sentence. #scio13Aviva Hope Rutkin
Baba Brinkman raps about science
The most inclusive song ever from an evolutionary viewpoint #scio13 Nuijens
The Wellcome trust funds @bababrinkman. This is science outreach. #2013 See, e.g.e Levenson
How to make sure you’re being appropriately skeptical when covering scientific and medical studies
Great tip from @ivanoransky on judging medical studies: befriend a biostatistician. They’re lonely people, so will answer yr emails #scio13Frank Nuijens
Great tip from @bmahersciwriter: look through reference list of a study to find counter arguments and opinions #scio13Frank Nuijens
.@FrankNu @j_timmer worth noting that the reference list isn’t always the BEST way to find critics. It’s a nice first stop. #scio13Brendan Maher
@bmahersciwriter @FrankNu good idea, except when the study authors omit contrary data/findings/theories.Elaine Schattner
Good statistics resource for journos: "News and Numbers" (now in 3rd ed.) #scio13 #medskepJanet D. Stemwedel
Scientist: why r journalists hostil to peer review process? Journalist: if yr mother says she loves you, our job is to double-check #scio13Frank Nuijens
Explanatory journalism, &%$£ yeah!
Never ever dump a textbook on your reader. And explanatory journalism works when there is a news urgency. Says @carlzimmer #scio13 #explainFrank Nuijens
Becoming parent and explaining everything to demanding audience with a short attention span trained @ShipLives in explanatory jrnlsm #scio13Frank Nuijens