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ScienceOnline day one

The power of narratives and blogging for the long haul

Storified by Frank Nuijens· Thu, Jan 31 2013 14:39:08

Narrative: What is it? How science writers use it?
Major lesson from narrative session #scio13 is details, details, details. Get as much as possible.Frank Nuijens
Scientific storytelling: Using personal narrative to communicate science
Scientific storytelling: “First person storytelling grabs readers by the shirt, makes it more engaging and personal” #scio13Frank Nuijens
“Be careful first person story doesn’t become self-indulgent memoir, consider which personal details to share” #scio13 #myscistoryFrank Nuijens
Scientific storytelling session in a creative nutshell by @experrinment #myscistory Nuijens
Blogging for the long haul
Reasons why bloggers blog range from being harrassed by readers if they don’t to being afraid of @BoraZ to seeking immortality #scio13Frank Nuijens
How to overcome your blogging burnout: don’t wait for the perfect post to show up, just blog what you can and give yourself a break #scio13Frank Nuijens
Blogging dryspell tip: write a post about interesting stuff you came across on twitter #scio13Frank Nuijens
Keep the blog going by setting a schedule and sticking to it, say @DoctorZen and @scicurious #scio13Frank Nuijens
Sticking to a blogging schedule: set time apart to think of ideas and keep a long list of ideas #scio13Frank Nuijens