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We Need to Talk About Kevin

The movie flashes back and forth between the past and hints of the horrible act that Kevin performed, which isn't revealed until the end. This makes the movie very unsettling, and the wonderful play of Swinton and Miller add to that. Does drag on.

Perfect Sense

Metaphoric tale of a world slowly losing all its senses, told through a love story. Green and McGregor are enjoyable, whereas the movie is told in a calm, reflective pace but sometimes messy.


There are no words to describe the poor script and tasteless jokes. The only funny bits are the bloopers at the credits.

Safe House

Thrilling cat and mouse hunt that runs thin halfway through the movie and doesn't recover, closing on a weak ending. Strong performances from Washington and Reynolds.

Big Miracle

Unsurprisingly formulaic but unexpectedly engaging, this true story tells the tale of opportunism with a heart.