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The Vow

The story is too polished and McAdams and Tatum don't really have any chemistry. The script is inspired by true events, which were undoubtedly more messy and erratic, and might have made a more interesting film.


Harrelson does a great job, making his character both likable and hatable. The story, however, goes nowhere and turns really boring really fast.


Entertaining action thriller. Carano’s acting isn’t very special, but her ass kicking abilities are.

New Year’s Eve

Another attempt at remaking the successful Love Actually movie, and yet again failing miserably. The story is completely void of originality and decent stories and characters. It’s noticeable that the star-studded cast is rushing their way through the movie...


McQueen gives the movie a haunting and unsettling feel, mirroring the main character’s emotional life. It takes a very long time for the main character to change his ways, which is usually the point of a dramatic story, and this leaves an unsatisfying taste...