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Take Shelter

Story about a man struggling with mental illness. The slow pace and observational style keeps the movie engaging. The ending, however, eluded me and was disappointing. Both Shannon and Chastain give tremendous performances.

The Last Word

The premise of the movie is quirky and interesting, but the execution is down right terrible. The script is amateuristic and is undoubtedly used in film school as a how-not-to, there is no chemistry between Ryder and Bentley, and Ryder’s acting is awful. The...

The Iron Lady

Streep is simply masterful as the strong-willed Thatcher, what an incredible performance. The movie itself feels too much of a historic documentary with all the flashbacks of news montages, but rightfully so focuses more on the character of Thatcher than her political...

Stranger Than Fiction

Original movie that mixes comedy and drama into an entertaining and moving story, where the subdued performances of the actors adds to its strength.