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The Experiment

Thriller based on the famous Stanford prison experiment. However the script bungles when it tries to cram 6 days into one and a half hours, leaving no room for plot building and making it a very unthrilling thriller. The writers should have included the subplot of the...


A romantic comedy/drama that is not very funny but improves vastly towards the end when the drama takes shape. The story relies heavily on the quirkiness of the characters and a lot of the characters are just not that interesting nor well-played. Thompson does a very...

The Conspirator

Powerful historical drama that leaves you with a nagging feeling of injustice. McAvoy and Wright are a joy to watch.


An above average thriller that is hindered by the usual thriller cliches and the unlikely physical strength attributed to the frail Ronan. Ronan plays an excellent weird little girl once again, and the subtle and modern soundtrack of The Chemical Brothers works really...

The Greatest

Overly dramatic tragedy that has a few touching moments, but give the cast very little to work with. Mulligan and Simmons shine, Sarandon's performance is a little flat and Brosnan is totally unconvincing.