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The story has no point, it's a random snapshot of the lives of a couple of twenty-somethings in New York. But the resulting picture is beautiful, interesting and moving thanks to its engaging characters.

Another Year

Tom and Gerri are at the centre of their friends' misery lending them their ears. Leigh beautifully captures the trials and tribulations of these ordinary people's lives. Funny and deeply moving, great script, interesting and well-played characters by the...


The story is rubbish, though the dialogue has some clever jokes. Brand plays, well, himself, which is funny when he is quick-witted and annoying when he's overacting. There's absolutely no chemistry between Brand and Gerwig or Garner, which makes for dull...

The Fighter

The story is sluggish, but the solid performances of Wahlberg, Bale and Adams keep it interesting. It's the typical tale of a person who works his way up to the top despite hardship, thanks to and in this case despite of the love of his friends and family. No...

In the Loop

Hilarious "fly on the wall" documentary style comedy that takes the piss out of the inner workings of politics in Downing Street and Capitol Hill. Probably closer to the truth than we dare imagine.