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Rekindled with Doha

After 24 years it has been quite the culture shock to visit Doha again, the city on the coast of the peninsula desert state Qatar. When I was here last, the country was booming due to its oil industry. Now, more than two decades later, it’s thriving with one...

The Adjustment Bureau

Not sure if this is a poor thriller or an overly complicated love story. The music and constant running suggest the first, the 'meant to be together' plot of Blunt and Damon point to the latter. Because of the ambiguity the movie trips and falls.

Cedar Rapids

An above average comedy that is simple but engages with good actors and funny characters rather than a subpar script and humour from the gutter like most comedies.

Just Go with It

The best thing about this movie is the Police soundtrack. Aniston is pleasant to watch, Sandler his usual annoying self. The story is skin-deep and the humour uncomfortably insulting at times. It gets better towards the end though.

Blue Valentine

Story about the slow destruction of a relationship, made painfully tangible for the entire duration of the movie by Gosling and Williams.