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The Dilemma

This movie is listed as a comedy and a drama, and it sucks at both. The okay comedy actors Vaughn and James are out of their league in the drama parts, and the great drama actresses Connelly and Ryder are out of place in comedy. On top of that the drama is bland and...

127 Hours

A truly chilling story. You would think a movie about a man who is trapped for five days would make a boring movie, but Boyle keeps it interesting and Franco delivers a compelling performance.

The Tourist

An action thriller that's full of mystery, yet lacks suspense. The story is slow and the use of the location Venice is underwhelming. Jolie and Depp go through the motions as best they can.

Daydream Nation

As the reviewer of the New York Times so eloquently put it: "Daydream Nation" rolls elements of "Juno," "American Beauty," "Donnie Darko" and "Twin Peaks" into a potent blunt.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

An average and entertaining enough reference to Disney's animated classic Fantasia, with a few funny and clever moments. Unfortunately the ending hints towards a sequel. Please don't, please?