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Black Swan

Portman is stunning as the ballerina who fights her inner demons, leaving you with chills down your spine. A commendable performance from Kunis complements Portman perfectly. Aronofsky turns this dark story into an old-school thriller that draws you into its...

Rabbit Hole

Impressive reflective and modest drama about a couple who are dealing with the loss of their young son. The inner tensions of the couple and the stress on their relationship is very tangible thanks to the good play of Kidman and Eckhart.

Little Fockers

The fact that the attempts at humour are mostly of a sexual nature shows that this milk cow has been sucked dry. Hopefully we've seen the last of the Fockers.

The King’s Speech

A beautifully told story of how a great monarch can feel very small. Firth is spectacular, and has more than earned all the praise and awards he has been given for his awe-inspiring portrayal of the voiceless King. Rush gives a great performance as the man who gave...