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How Do You Know

A stupid story with some exceptionally bad dialogue, that not even the star-studded cast can save. Has a few funny moments.

Bad Science

Bad Science by Ben Goldacre My rating: 4 of 5 stars Not the best writing I have seen (the book is mostly written as a continuous rant), but the content is immensely important and should be compulsory reading for all high school students. Goldacre not only exposes bad...


Fails to capture, feels like a random collection of anecdotes. Pity that such an exciting life makes for such a dull movie.

The Last Song

A completely uninspired script that serves as little more than a backdrop to the continuous soundtrack, and is constructed of a mixed bag of cliches. Cyrus' performance shows no discernable talent, except for sucking the life out of any line she delivers.