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The A-Team

Random scenes of violence and sloppy storylines, without the charm of the eighties television series.


Story on the creation of On the Origin of Species, focusing exclusively on Darwin's struggle between religion and his theory of evolution and the death of his daugther Anne, and alas largely ignoring the scientific battle. The asynchronous storytelling makes it...


Oddly engaging superhero action movie, with some Tarantino-esque violence. Funny, quirky, self-deprecating. Moretz is a talented little ass kicker.

Smart People

Quaid remains unlikeable throughout the movie, so why Parker falls for him is anyone's guess. The real stars of this flat movie are Church and Page, who portray quirky funny characters that keep the story interesting.

Easy A

Smart and hilarious movie, full of quick-witted banter and clever monologues. Excellent work by director Gluck and writer Royal, and especially the comedy talent that is Stone.