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Winter’s Bone

Fascinating and almost anthropological look into the social structure at the bottom step of the social ladder in the outback of the States. Thrilling story, where actually nothing much happens but it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Lawrence is superb, as is the...


An out of the ordinary and smart romantic comedy. Funny and touching autism situations. Dancy does pretty well as someone with Asperger's syndrome, but has a few unfortunate 'Rainman impersonation' moments.

The Road

A little better than The Book of Eli and worse than I am Legend, this movie operates under the same premise of a desolate world gone to pieces where our leading characters have to survive amongst the other people who have of course all gone bad. Very boring,...

Iron Man 2

Like sequels do, it lacks the charm of its first incarnation. The star-studded cast can't improve upon this mildly amusing action snack.

The Last Station

A balanced drama that is light-hearted, humorous and moving at the right moments. Shows the complex relationships Tolstoy had with his wife, family and followers, and his struggle with his own ideals. Impressive cast with equally impressive performances.