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Everybody’s Fine

De Niro has been taking on more cuddly roles as he gets older. In this one he's a man going to visit his four children, who don't have time for him and lie to him. A roadmovie is usually an interesring premise, but requires a strong story for support. This...

The Joneses

Original story, that starts funny and very lighthearted. Takes a turn halfway through the movie for the better, when it gets some depth. It looses its originality streak at the end, which is very obvious. Moore and Duchovny are delightful to watch.

Bright Star

Jane Campion captures Keats' poetry onto the screen with beautiful photography, supported by a dreamy soundtrack. She repeats her knack for developing interpersonal relationships in a strong script in which Cornish and Whishaw shine.


Patchy storytelling which makes it hard to empathise with the characters, who are on top of this so obviously bound for a happy end that their 'struggles' are boring to watch. Music is bland. Doesn't come close to 1980 version.

A Film with Me in It

Irish tragicomedy that develops from funny to absurd. The extreme Murphy's Law plot is amusing at first, but starts to drag on after a while as the story advances into an unrealistic farce.