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Land of the Lost

It pains me to see Friel stoop to this cinematic low. She had such a promising career. Needless to say the movie is a perfect match for Ferrell's acting abilities. Both he and the movie are a bore.


Best part I have ever seen Stiller play, but his character doesn't develop so becomes boring to watch. Story fizzles while it could have popped given the ingredients.

Minister van Vakantie

De voorspelde reistijd van Tomtom klopte eindelijk. Ik kon door de lokale koopgoot lopen zonder als een bal in een flipperkast heen en weer te worden gekaatst. Geen oorlog met winkelwagentjes die dwars in het gangpad stonden. Wat was Nederland lekker rustig de...

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

Star cast performs well, but the story doesn't take off and just isn't very interesting. Dialogue sometimes hits the right note, making for a few dramatic and one funny moment.