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Funny People

Comedy-drama that scores more points in the drama mode than it does as a comedy. Lots of American-style adolescent genital-centred humour to wade through, but the little dramatic pearls make the movie worth watching. First time I've seen Sandler in a role where...

Baby Mama

The story is a bit bland, but entertaining. Poehler and Fey work well together, and Martin has a funny cameo.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Weirdest romantic comedy I ever saw. If you look beyond the vulgarity and adolescent humour, it has funny and endearing moments and Banks and Rogen do a convincing job as friends turned pornstars turned lovers.

The Deal

Hollywood parody that fails because of the incoherent script. Lots of wool, but it doesn't produce a sweater. Macy is good as an overly confident filmmaker, Ryan is lost.