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The Celestine Prophecy

This has to be the worst movie I ever saw. The dialog is so bad it’s hilarious, and the rest of the script isn’t any better. The acting is an abomination, and the set is made of plastic. I really hope this was a low-low-low-budget movie, because that would...

Unfinished Sky

Beautiful little drama of Dutch origin set in the Ozzie outback. Nice flow of the story where bit by bit the two leading characters reveal their story. Good performance by William McInnes and Dutch actress Monic Hendrickx.

Pretty Persuasion

Moderate as a drama, moderate as a comedy. Evan Rachel Wood proves herself yet again to be a very talented actress. Although it’s hard to shake the image of the timid girl she played in Once and Again.

My Blueberry Nights

Attempt at serious roadmovie/girl-learns-life-lessons film. But it’s just not very original, nor engaging. Despite the efforts of a top cast, with good acting debut by Jones.