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Balance, i.e. juxtaposing different opinions on a topic with equal weight in a journalistic article, is a hot topic in science journalism. Balance is a golden rule in journalism, but it’s validity in science journalism is debatable. Four Master students in my science journalism course at Delft University of Technology have written an opinion article about this topic. These students were inspired by (scientific) literature they gathered on the use and validity of balance, and its consequences. I hope their fresh take inspires you.

Katherine Celler (Canada) argues that accuracy trumps balance in science journalism.

Roelof van den Berg (The Netherlands) argues that science journalists need to use online media to share sources and make conflicting interests of scientists public.

Kurian Joseph Kattukaren (India) argues that accuracy is more capable of filtering out the scientific fringe than balance.

Marc Pagen (The Netherlands) argues that balance is not the problem, but lazy reporting is.