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Music and Lyrics

Hugh Grant does the one thing he does best, but there’s no chemistry between him and Drew Barrymore. Despite this casting flaw, the script takes some luckless shortcuts.

Gray Matters

The theme is interesting. After the rest of the world is comfortable with it, Hollywood is producing romantic comedies with a gay twist. The actors are pretty well cast. But whoever wrote and directed this movie, should be shot. I’m not kidding. It’s dead...

Conversations With Other Women

Entertaining dialogue, with strong performances by Bonham-Carter and Eckhart. Short flashbacks were distracting and unnecessary. The visual wizardry, meant to bring this theatre-like scenario to life on the big screen, was actually a bad idea. The actors don’t...

In the Land of Women

Interesting movie, especially because of the all female cast of different ages. But that also highlights the problem, the script missed too many opportunities for depth. Some good dialogue though. Disappointed by the rushed ending.