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I’m not just talking about the thousands of scientists and the hundreds of journalists flocking to the usually charming city of Boston. As the AAAS opens in Boston, MA, tomorrow, the city is covered in slush. The few inches of snow that fell last night were mixed with the litres of water coming down from the sky the entire day. I’m not kidding, it hasn’t stop pouring since I woke up this morning. It’s usually not even this bad in my own wet country! The outside conditions made for a very grey, wet, cold, dirty, slushy, pants soaking experience when I went out sightseeing today. Good thing the AAAS is held in two hotels and a convention centre that are connected by roofed in hallways.
Boston Boylston St.
Boston Public Garden
Boston Common
Boston State House
Boston Cheers
Despite all the meteorological disaster, there’s still that warm place where everybody knows your name…