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Vomiting has been voted the world’s worst sound…The quest for the worst sound in the world screeched to a halt yesterday. Screeching to a halt was in fact voted as one of the world’s worst sounds. But by far the worst, the proud winner, was vomiting. For men crying babies ranked higher on the chills-down-your-spine-list than for women, a predictable outcome. The sound of wives or mothers in law was not tested, unfortunately.

Hopefully the next study by prof. Trevor Cox from Salford University will be the quest for the world’s best sound. I wouldn’t be surprised if the first cry of a newborn would be on the top of that list, as would the sound of your loved one reaching sexual climax, the sound of a robin or your mother in law saying “goodbye”. If you have any other suggestions that could start prof. Cox off on his next adventure, feel free to share your favourite sound with the world in the comment box below.