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Digg it?

“Digg to allow users to vote for many types of news”, Reuters wrote yesterday. The hype that is has reached a new height now that one of the most popular news recommendation sites will present version 3.0 on Monday. Reuters writes:The upgraded...

Open peer review

The journal Nature is undertaking a bold new step in the process of peer review of the articles submitted to the journal by hopeful scientists. For the next three months, Nature is offering authors the choice to submit their paper to an open preprint server where...

Familial apathy

A family is like a life-long mirror. You see yourself reflected in your parents, your siblings, your sibling’s children. Family traits tend to surface every now and then on family gatherings, and you suddenly see a trait you never realised you had. Reflected,...

Death from chronic fatigue syndrom

Now that’s what I call being dead tired…First official death from chronic fatigue syndromeChronic fatigue is often dismissed as being all in the mind, but now the death of a 32-year-old woman in Britain has been officially attributed to the disease.

Original thought

An original thought is created not by asking a lot of questions, but by having a lot of answers and being equally right and wrong. – Frank Nuijens