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Rhythm Method’ May Kill Off More Embryos Than Other Methods Of Contraception
Professor Bovens cites Randy Alcorn, a US pro-life campaigner, who has equated global oral contraceptive use to chemical abortion that is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths of embryos, or unborn children, every year.

But says Professor Bovens: if all oral contraceptive users converted to the rhythm method, then they would be effectively causing the deaths of millions of embryos.

If the observation of professor Bovens is correct, not only has the Church lost its argument against the use of any form of contraception, it also begs the question whether the Pope should – on humanitarian grounds – consider making Catholic women donate those inviable eggs for cloning research? Oh boy, the devine doctrine is in trouble now… If I were the Pope, my advice to believers everywhere would be: “Fellow Catholics, from now on thou shalt cross thy legs indefinitely until I consult my spin doctor.”