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I tried, I really honestly tried to discover the interesting historical places in St. Louis, but the city has failed me in this respect. The two interesting places are the Gateway Arch, where you can take a tedious ride up in an elevator pod that seems to have been designed for children and not adults. The view up in the Arch is beautiful, though. The second point of interest is the old Courthouse, where the slave Dred Scott filed a lawsuit to get his freedom. He failed, and his case was one of the precursors to the Civil War.

For a week St. Louis had people on the street, and business. Now that the AAAS has left town, all goes quiet again, the streets and hotels are empty again, and St. Louis goes back to being a boring little ghost town…

St Louis 1

View of downtown St. Louis from the top of the Gateway Arch.
St Louis 2

Picture of Market street, with the Gateway Arch in the distance and the top of the old Courthouse underneath it.