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It’s amazing, the lengths that Hollywood will go to in order to shelter the American public from other cultures. Yesterday I watched the movie “Jack and Sarah“, set in London with a predominantly British cast.

The love interest aka heroin was naturally American, but it got even stranger. As Ian McKellen crossed a London street, he first looked left, than right. Do this on an everyday London street and I can assure you, you will die. The other ‘goof’ was not as lethal, but even so extremely amusing. When Richard E. Grant expressed his anger about the death of his wife, he said to his father: “I’m pissed.” True, he had been portrayed as a drunk in previous scenes, but I’m pretty sure he meant he was “pissed off”. Apart from these cock-ups the movie was filled with stereotypes about British people, making the viewer believe the American heroin was the only sane person in the room.

Oh well, we can’t blame Hollywood, can we. Why educate people about stereotypes when you can reinforce them?