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We live in a society where having a choice is valued, even encouraged. But sometimes the value of having more options is exaggerated or even harmful. The current trend in the schooling system is to encourage pupils early on to make career decisions, like whether they want to pursue the science or the language curriculum. But education administrators forget about the latest insights in neuroscience.

We now know that making decisions is not what teenagers do best, for the simple reason that they have not fully developed their frontal lobe yet. Teenagers physically can’t help being erratic. This scientific insight would plea in favour of the ‘old’ education system, where everyone had to acquire the same basic knowledge.

Teenagers like to be treated as adults. But even though they most certainly should not be patronised, their brains are still developing and they simply do not have the capability yet to make well-balanced long term decisions. Come to think of it, nor do some adults. But these are probably the ones who value ‘nurturing their inner child’. 😉